Purpose-built property accounting software

Tekxel believes that on site services is a way of life and current warps in international business and trade are momentary phenomena but the long-term efforts are in the right direction.

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The company also is convinced that short term, one time usage or in short supply and specialized software skill will always be in demand by all kinds of IT outfits neither can an supplier or a user afford to have all skill at all times. Outsourcing is a much a way of life with companies like Tekxel as much as requirements of users living with crisis under these realities.

Tekxel has built an eminently practical, realistic and responsive model for supplying skill to its partners and users at short notices. We also understand that onsite consultants have to sometimes work under time pressures to deliver workarounds / solutions to critical problems. This service requires a special kind of problem solving abilities and communication skills. We recognize this difference and work towards consciously staffing our engagements with people with right skills.

At a quick turn around time Tekxel can position quality professionals to meet your requirement. We have a pool of highly qualified professionals who can take position at a very short notice period. We can provide you with the following technology skill set professionals immediately:

Java, Salesforce, QA, Datastage Development & Business Analysts.


  1. Can execute mission critical projects as per schedule
  2. Temporary staffing for different technology projects ranging from roll out assignments which are short term in nature, long term critical project execution and implementation and post implementation support for enterprise solutions.
  3. Availability of professionals who are best culture-fit for your environment.
  4. Specialized skills for projects of short duration
  5. Quality and cost effectiveness through technical expertise with multi skill sets exposure
  6. Short term projects can be completed without increasing internal manpower